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Zanzibar Tour Package

Zanzibar Tour Package

Zanzibar is a romantic Indian Ocean island paradise that is still relatively untouched.
It’s the largest coral island off the shores of Africa and is famous for its centuries-old sailing dhows,
carved wooden doors and the scent of cinnamon,
cloves and nutmeg – hence its nickname, the ‘Spice Island’.

Zanzibar’s main town, Stone Town, is the oldest part of the island and boasts 45 mosques, the Slave Market, the Old Fort, Dr Livingstone’s House and the Zanzibar Marubhi Palace ruins. The surrounding islands offer opportunities for further explorations. One of the most popular is Pemba, famous for its excellent scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and a variety of water sports in the untouched marine environment of the Pemba Channel. There’s also Prison Island, home to giant tortoises, and tiny Mnemba, only inhabited by the staff and guests of the luxurious &Beyond Mnemba Island all-inclusive resort.


Zanzibar Adventure

  • The weather is superb year-round.
  • There are numerous tiny islands surrounding Zanzibar that you can explore.
  • The beaches are beautiful.
  • Zanzibar’s vibrant cultural heritage includes African, Arabic and Portuguese influences.
  • Zanzibar is a popular location for a romantic holiday.
  • It’s a paradise for divers and snorkellers.
  • You can see red colobus monkeys in the Jozani Forest Reserve.
  • Enjoy delicious fresh seafood.
  • An ideal add-on if you’re going on safari in Tanzania.

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