south coast package

South Coast Package


Hillpark TiwiKshs 17,80021st DecemberHalf Board
Kshs 22,300Full Board
Lofta ResortKshs 18,00021st DecemberHalf Board
Kshs 20,900Full Board
Kaskazi Beach ResortKshs 24,000Valid Till 31st AugustAll Inclusive
Kshs 25,000Aug – 30th September
Papillon Lagoon ReefKshs 25,520Till 7th JulyAll Inclusive
Kshs 29,5007th July – 31st August
Kshs 27,9001st Sept – 31st October
Hillpark Tiwi AmareKshs 25,80021st DecemberHalf Board
Diani Sea ResortKshs 31,800Valid Till 15th SeptAll Inclusive
Leisure LodgeKshs 25,800Till End Of JulyHalf Board
Kshs 29,500July – End August
Kshs 25,800Sept – 21st Dec
Neptune Village Beach ResortKshs 28,5001st Sept – 21st DecAll Inclusive
Kshs 29,20015th July- 31st August
Baobab Beach Resort & SpaKshs 28,500Sept  – End OctoberAll Inclusive
Kshs 37,500July – 31st August
Kshs 31,500Nov – 10th Dec
Kshs 37,50010th Dec – 21st Dec
Neptune Paradise Beach ResortKshs 32,500July – Till End AugustAll Inclusive
Kshs 33,200Sept – 21st October
Swahili BeachKshs 33,500Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Kshs 41,000August To 22nd Dec
Sands At NomadKshs 41,800Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Kshs 55,0001st – 31st August
Kshs 41,8001st Sept – 31st Oct
Sands At ChaleKshs 42,500Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Kshs 46,2001st – 31st August
Kshs 42,5001st Sept – 31st October
Sun N Sand Beach HotelKshs 15,700Valid Till 22nd DecBed & Breakfast
Kshs 21,500Half Board
Plaza Beach HotelKshs 16,800Valid Till 22nd DecHalf Board
North Coast Beach ResortKshs 18,400Valid Till 22nd DecHalf Board
Bamburi Beach ResortKshs 23,8001st Sept – 30th NovAll Inclusive
Kshs 31,5001st Jul – 31st August
Kshs 31,7001st – 21st Dec
Sarova Whitesands ResortKshs 28,000Valid Till 15th JulyHalf Board
Kshs 38,50016th  July – 31st August
Kshs 34,5001st Sept – 1th Dec
Travelers Hotel & ClubKshs 28,310Valid Till 21st DecHalf Board
Reef HotelKshs 32,000Valid Till End AugustFull Board
Kshs 27,000Sept – 21st Dec
Nyali Sun Africa HotelKshs 29,800Valid Till 22nd DecHalf Board
Pride Inn ParadiseKshs 29,800Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Neptune Beach ResortKshs 29,700Valid Till 31st AugustAll Inclusive
Kshs 28,7001st Sept – 21st Dec
Voyager Beach ResortKshs 32,100Valid Till End JulyAll Inclusive
Kshs 35,5001st – 31st August
Kshs 32,5001st Sept – 21st Dec
Serena Beach ResortKshs 42,000Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Kshs 47,0001st Aug – 22nd Dec
Half Board
Temple Point Beach ResortKshs 22,000Valid Till End JulyHalf Board
Kshs 26,0001st Aug – 22nd DecFull Board
Kshs 22,400Half Board
Kilili BahariniKshs 24,000Valid Till 22nd DecBed & Breakfast
Turtle Bay Beach ResortKshs 29,000Valid Till 2th JulyAll Inclusive
Kshs 29,40021st Jul – 19TH  Dec
One Watamu BayKshs 30,000Valid Till 22nd DecFull Board
Malindi Dream GardenKshs 31,500Valid Till 31st JulyAll Inclusive
Kshs 43,000August – 22nd Dec
Mnarani Beach ClubKshs 33,500Valid Till 31st JulyHalf Board
Kshs 34,7001st – 31st August
Kshs 33,5001st Sept – 19th Sept
Kshs 34,7002oth Sept – 12th Dec
Medina PalmsKshs 35,300Valid Till 31st JulyBed & Breakfast
Kshs 50,0001st Aug – 31st Aug
Kshs 35,3001st Sept – 19th Dec
Diamond Dreams Of AfricaKshs 46,000Valid Till 31st JulyAll Inclusive
Kshs 56,500August – 22nd Dec

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