Visa advisory and passport Application

Visas: There are two common categories of visas; visas to the final destination and Transit visas. A good number of countries (final destination) require one to have a visa before entering their country. Some of them will require prior arrangement where you must have a visa before you depart your country, while others can offer visa on arrival into their country. Call us for information on visas as we advise on visas

Passports/Identification Cards.
A passport and/or an Identification Card are crucial document that one requires for any travel plans to commence. For domestic travel one can use their identification cards and for International travel one must have a valid passport. For Kenyan Citizens, we will guide you on the process and the requirements for you to get a passport.

When travelling, you may require different vaccinations for different regions that you are visiting. At the point of obtaining visas and even at the airport, you will be required to present the certificates for the vaccinations required. You may be denied boarded at your departure point or even vaccinated and put in quarantine if you fail to give evidence of the needed vaccinations. Our team will advise you this ion advance so you can plan and received these vaccinations in good time.